Become a trustworthy base camp for your kid!

Your togetherness and communication patterns within your family lay the most important groundwork for the satisfied, dignified life, you wish for your loved ones!


Topics Covered In The Book

Knowing yourself, knowing your child...


Requirements for Open Conversations

Take your Time, watch your Timing and fasten your seat belt for some honest self-observations!


Self-empathy and empathy

Understand your own needs and desires in conversations first. Then switch to child perspective. Feel the difference!


Connect with your kid

What are your child's true needs in the situations, which sometimes tend to become thus tiring...

Start your own 4-step-practice!

Step 1: Witness yourself

Get to the bottom of your own needs.


Step 2: Witness your child

Understand the needs for autonomy and freedom in your child.


Step 3: Bridge-Building

What steps can you go to improve your connection and therefore your family communication?


Step 4: Share your emotions

Become visible as a person beyond being in an educator role - and take your feelings seriously.

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The Authors

Gila Schwab

Gila Schwab

Gila Schwab was born in Germany in a small Bavarian town near a pine forest. She has always been interested in communication structures and has a professional background in occupational therapy. Currently she is living with her family in Karlsruhe. She is mother of a 6-year-old daughter.

What you as her reader and she have in common, she says, is the daily act of communication with your children. In her experience, there are a lot of conversations between parents and children which really could run differently. In her family she often feels that some conversations don’t turn out the way they intended them to, leaving them reflecting about what they could change for the next time. What part of their communication patterns could they try to evolve in order to communicate more successfully – and thus improve the relationships with their loved ones?

Gilas passion in writing this book is to support communication processes ...which enhance connections and help create a sense of belonging between people ...which enable autonomy and freedom for everybody ...which in turn allow for a balance between autonomy and a sense of belonging. She wishes that communication would make people feel better, simply because everyone feels seen and everyone is able to see others – not only with their differences but also with their similarities.

Andi Schwab

Andi Schwab

Andi Schwab has also been interested in communication structures and challenges for a very long time. As a managing director of a small German company he is very often part of diverse communication processes with potential partners, customers and colleagues. And he knows by heart how important the failure or success of all these little inter-human interactions are for the culture of cooperation.

His goal in building the ideas4parents blog has always been to support themselves and others as being parents in the current world as it is – a world, which is often and (as he believes) especially for parents, a very complex and sometimes also confusing spot to be. While Gila has done most of the work on this book, Andi only added some minor paragraphs, proofread the book and made some minor improvement recommendations. But nevertheless, Gila wanted him also to be present as a co-author.

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